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How Did I Start My Law Practice | Robert Lipman Lawyer Atlanta, Ga

Robert Lipman Lawyer Atlanta Ga

How did you start your Law practice?

I began my practice with a small downtown law firm specializing in contract/bankruptcy

litigation. If Robert Lipman wanted a challenge, this was it! The firm was too small to

provide mentorship, so it was “baptism by fire” as I started trying cases into my second

year of practice. My third year, we merged with a much larger firm and I felt early on

this was not the place for me as I was unable to represent friends and prospective

clients in cases outside of contract litigation.

I received an invitation to join a smaller firm from an opposing attorney whom I beat in

trial and quickly decided to join his firm with an option to grow my practice in addition to

handling his litigation. I began developing relationships with chiropractors and other

physicians who began sending me personal injury cases which I discovered was a

perfect fit for the type of practice I wanted to pursue for two major reasons. First and

foremost, I never asked my clients to pay me a penny on their injury cases which

eliminated having to bill my clients and ultimately writing off fees; and secondly, I can

relate to anyone whether the dregs of society or the CEO of a company and quickly

appreciated the interpersonal relationship which always developed with every client

beyond just being their lawyer. Within my 4 th year of practice, I started my own firm as

Robert B. Lipman Attorney at Law and a whopping staff of just one lawyer – ME!

I am very proud of the fact that my practice grew every year without spending a nickel

on advertising.

With hard work and long hours, word-of-mouth advertising was by far the

best. My practice grew from one chiropractor referral to representing over 14,000 clients

spanning a 36 year career prior to retirement. I am equally proud that many lawyers

worked for me over the years as I changed my firm’s name to Robert B. Lipman and

Associates, and who after gaining knowledge and experience in personal injury

litigation, amicably departed my firm to start their own respective practices.


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