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My Most Memorable Case – Literally my 15 Minutes of Fame | Robert Lipman Lawyer Atlanta, Ga

My Most Memorable Case – Literally my 15 Minutes of Fame | Robert Lipman Lawyer Atlanta, Ga

Prior to the 9/11 tragedy, none of the cases of the Lipman and Drew Law Firm

made headlines even in the local legal newspaper subscribed exclusively by attorneys. I

was woken up at 10:00 p.m. on a Friday night by a former client who told me his brother

closed down the Atlanta airport earlier that afternoon because he ran down the

escalator the wrong way in a frantic attempt to reach his son. I tried to tell my client to

locate another lawyer who practices criminal law (his brother was arrested) and if not,

call me back at midnight and I would schlep down to the airport to meet him where he

was being temporarily detained. And just my bad luck he called back at midnight and

thus began the saga of representing a case that made headlines around the world. For

the next several weeks I literally had to close down my law practice, hold two news

conferences in my law office, and limit requests for personal interviews by all national

and local news outlets.

However, by far and away, one call approximately two weeks into my

representation stands out. It came from the producer of Good Morning America who

stated Diane Sawyer wants an exclusive interview with me and my client in New York.

Seriously – the apparent criminal offensive involved a 28 year old bank teller going

down the escalator the wrong way???

In any event, my client agreed with me that Diane Sawyer could possibly put him

in a better light than the extreme criticism he was receiving from the local press for what

he did. Meeting Diane Sawyer was an incredible experience, not to mention being seen

on national live television where the producers would not provide questions in advance.

The screen flashed, ROBERT LIPMAN, ATTORNEY twice as I was speaking for the

benefit of the few people in the national audience who did not already know me. HA!

After the segment was over, and I became a legend in my own mind, the second

highlight of the trip was personally visiting Ground Zero from a vantage point very few

people could gain access. Needless to say, it was incredibly moving observing the now

historical site where water hoses were still in use and in front of us were left standing

steel remnants of what was formerly the two towers.

As a post-script, I might add that the producers of the national syndicated show

Inside Edition contacted me to appear in their studio. How many attorneys in their legal

careers politely reject an invitation by Deborah Norville to appear on national television?

I truly felt it would accomplish nothing beneficial in further representing my client other

than adding a good story to tell my grandchildren.


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