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Mountain Wisdom, Robert Lipman and Tri-Mountain Retreat | Robert Lipman Atlanta Ga

The Partnership of Mountain Wisdom and The Retreat at Tri-Mountain

Robert Lipman Atlanta Ga

Observing and interacting with all aspects of Mountain Wisdom has been both enlightening and rewarding for Bob Lipman. It “ain’t” easy running a successful camp and this was brought home on so many levels. Marketing, supervision, vetting the campers, preparations, prayers for good weather, and parental cooperation, all factor into the equation for success. Bob is so grateful that the very objectives of Mountain Wisdom in providing a positive3 and perhaps life changing camp experience in a natural environment coincide with Bob’s vision and goals for his camp.

Bob sees firsthand and has heard from the campers themselves how beneficial the structured experience has been for them, especially at the end of each session when the campers speak of the individual experience of how camp benefitted each one. Bob sees the glee in not only the campers eyes but in the eyes of the parents who are in attendance in taking their campers home.

The experience of having Mountain Wisdom utilizing The Retreat has left a positive, permanent and indelible impression on Bob as well as related by this one story. Bob was witnessing a specific activity with kids and counselors involving “trust” where kids would climb a tree about 10’ high and fall backward into a net supported by both campers and counselors on the ground. All campers were participating except for one overweight teen who walked with a cane. Bob walked over to the young boy and tried to encourage him to participate. After several hecks no responses Bob volunteered two things; 1) If he did not do it this activity would never be remembered by him. If he did do it, he would never forget it in his lifetime. That didn’t work either; (2) If he would do it as equally scared as Bob may be, Bob would also do it.

He immediately agreed to do it. Bob has rarely felt more gratified and prouder as he did when he came up to him afterwards and asked about his reaction. He was smiling from ear-to-ear and Bob still has chills when he thinks about it now.

And now the adventure has now been solidified for Bob Lipman’s camp.

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