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Looking Back | Retired Attorney Robert Lipman Atlanta Ga

Retired Attorney Robert Lipman Atlanta Ga

After 36 years in practice as a lawyer when I sold my practice, I thought I would be retired from law to pursue my philanthropic goals. I guess I don’t know what retirement as a lawyer means. My law firm (the old Lipman & Drew) continues to call me on complicated legal cases in litigation and I continue to welcome the opportunity to stay involved with


In fact, just this morning I received a call from a close friend involving a legal question – most of these calls from my friends involve legal questions I know nothing about such as real estate, burglaries, etc. I always tell them I couldn’t close a tree house let alone any other real estate issues.

I also continue to receive calls from past clients of my law firm, Robert B. Lipman and Associates, PC which at this time I can only refer back to my old law firm which is now Rickard, Drew and Nix, to whom I sold my practice to 8 years ago. It truly frustrates me even at this stage of my retirement from law that I can no longer represent them. I still truly miss

helping out people as a lawyer but now I can do it other ways through my philanthropy.


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